Twinning With Taylor Swift (In The Worst Possible Way)

Taylor Swift and I both broke up with our boyfriends recently.

You may be thinking, “Wait, you had a boyfriend?”

And I don’t blame you, because the relationship was so short that I didn’t have time to tell a whole lot of people about it.

I keep trying to write about my feelings on the situation so I can heal but for some reason the words just aren’t coming out. I think this is because there is one version of this story that I am comfortable talking about, the one in which I believe whatever I need to in order to feel okay about things – the one in which I believe whatever he says – but there is another version that I could barely even think about until now.

That’s the version in which I realize that I still do not have the full story, and the full story probably isn’t going to make me feel okay about anything. The full story is probably full of half truths and lies of omission and someone who doesn’t care even half as much as I thought he did (which was already only about half as much as I do).


I’m Not

When the #yesallwomen hashtag was going around, I 100% agreed with everything women were saying…but I also had a sense of feeling left out, because although I have been taken advantage of emotionally by men, I haven’t been treated like a sexual being all that much. My friends are always shocked to learn that I’ve never been cat called – to that I say to them that I have the body of a 12 year old boy.

But this past weekend it was like everything about #yesallwomen coming true at once. I don’t feel left out any more. It’s true – yes. ALL women. Even me.